What’s Your Favorite Appliance?

What's your favorite appliace?

What's your favorite appliance?

What’s your favorite appliance? I personally like toasters, though I have never owned one. 😦  I’ve always had a toaster oven. It’s like a small oven that you can put on your kitchen counter. It’s actually pretty cool, but it will never beat the toaster.


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    meg said,

    hey alli u spelled appliance wrong on the picture

  2. 2

    meg said,

    btw i like microwaves… sorta

    • 3

      mctalli99 said,

      I liked toasters until this weekend when I burnt myself several times trying to get a waffle out of the toaster. That hurt a lot!! Then I decided to use a fork to get the waffle out. Not a good idea. I didn’t kill myself though. I guess that’s good! 🙂

  3. 4


    is the microwave an appliance? cause if it is, its AWESOME! i mean u can cook everything in there. And guess what? You can’t drop forks in there!! Though, don’t put tin foil in there cause u might set the microwave on fire. Not a good idea….

  4. 5

    kelkat795 said,

    i don’t obsess over appliances like some people (ALLI). but that’s ok, i won’t judge

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