Ice Cream

Post on your favorite ice cream please!!! Where do you buy it? What’s your favorite flavor? Any new flavors you think you think they should sell? Is water ice the same as ice cream? Do you want any ice cream now? I do! Too bad I don’t have any… >:-( grrr

That's me hugging an ice cream cone!!

That's me hugging an ice cream cone!!


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  1. 1

    meg said,

    ne way i like vanilla & cookie dough & ne thing with caremel and peanut butter cups

  2. 3

    meg said,

    omg i luv ritas twisted melon or strawberry gelati!
    and u shouldnt ask wether water ice and ice cream r the same, u should ask wether soft serve and custard r the same.

  3. 4

    meg said,

    btw thats like the cutest picture ever with pooh bear

  4. 5


    i like strawberry…..and i have that and cookie and cream at my house…and i dont think that picture really looks like u.

  5. 6

    kelkat795 said,

    i m the pickiest ice cream person ever! i like vanilla and cookies and cream. that is it. if you can think of some other flavor i might like, please let me know.

  6. 9

    mctalli99 said,

    Touche . . . ?? Is that French?

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