All About ME!!

This page is all about me, and you are smart to want to read it! I mean, who wouldn’t want to read about me?!? So, my favorite color is orange, my name spelled backwards is Illa, my favorite animal is a pig, my favorite ice cream flavor is Cookies ‘n’ Cream, my favorite teacher is, well I have to say Mr. Johnson because he’s the one grading this website, my favorite smoothie flavor is delicious! My favorite word is sasafrass, my favorite diet pill is alli because it’s spelled just like my name, and NOT because I use it and it works better than all the other ones. I mean how am I supposed to know that?!? I’m 13, I shouldn’t be using diet pills!!! My favorite smell is good smelling stuff, my favorite candle is a toss up between cherry lemonade and that one that smells really good, my favorite hardware store is Home Depot because my neighbors found a dog there and he’s really cute. His name is Homer, named after the store they found him at. My least favorite noise is that noise that tape makes when you stick it to stuff and then pull it off. My favorite state is Wisconsin because they have this food there that are just like cheese sticks, but they have cheddar cheese in them and they’re shaped like a ball. They’re called cheese curds and when you order them the waitress says one order of curds!! LOL! My favorite American Idol judge is Simon only because that’s the only one I know the name of. Honestly I haven’t watched American Idol in my life. I don’t even know what channel it’s on! This year for Halloween I’m either going to be a guy with a beard, or I’m going to get bored and walk around my neighborhood with some cat ears or a witch’s hat demanding candy from my neighbors. I can’t believe it’s almost summer!! I love summer! It’s soooooooo summer-y. You know what I’m saying?


P.S. If you know me, then you’ll know the answer to this question . . .


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    meg said,

    omg u dont watch american idol!!!
    thats like the best show ever!!

  2. 2

    Danielle said,

    HEY for Halloween ur gonna be Fat Carl, and im gonna be Hobo Joe! hmmm…where am i going to find a long stick and a hankerchief?

  3. 3

    Asjah Shelton said,


  4. 4

    mctalli99 said,

    How could you spell my name wrong little missy??

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